Why Adelaide’s most expensive meal underwhelms

Which brings us to a set menu that is conveniently the most pricey I’ve appear across at a cafe in SA, one particular that helps make the costs asked by more noted temples of gastronomy these kinds of as Magill Estate or the d’Arenberg Dice seem modest by comparison.

Then once more, Samurai Teppanyaki Household claims to be the only cafe in this region accredited to provide Kobe beef. This really prized, really priced class of wagyu arrives from one particular area of Japan where by the cattle are reported to be taken care of like rock stars: consuming beer, listening to songs and experiencing regular massages, all to support acquire the amazing lacing of fat for which the breed is renowned.

Samurai packages its Kobe into two “Omakase” menus, peaking at the $368 “Premium” assortment that features other benchmark cuts of wagyu, as nicely as an elite seafood expertise.

Meal starts with the same unanticipated regimen regardless of what you are taking in. A door from the avenue opens into a cloakroom where by buyers are equipped with a shiny robe embossed with a fearsome warrior on the again. The attendant rings a bell and yet another door slides again to expose a beef showroom where by a chiller cupboard shows slabs of wagyu sporting significant value tags.

Co-owner Clark Zhang proudly factors out a gold-plated trophy he says is proof of his Kobe bona fide, as nicely as a significant shell keeping an arrangement of lobster, bugs, scallops and prawns that are the reef to go with the beef. Ultimately, we are led via to a eating room to be a part of the other patrons, all donning equivalent robes, sitting down in a semi-circle around a hub of stainless-metal barbecue plates, as if in religious observance.

Our grill is operated by yet another owner, Jack Liu, who doesn’t flinch when we choose for the “Premium” deal. Other wants are tended to by waitresses who move around outside the ring, providing the first classes and getting orders from a beverages listing that, specified the prestige of the foodstuff, is unusually rudimentary.

The very first trio of snacks – soba noodles, plain edamame nevertheless in their pods and a business rice cracker stuck into a dip that would seem to be primarily based on canned tuna – are so far the opposite of top quality it feels as if they could possibly be some sort of prank.

Redemption arrives promptly. Slices of bluefin tuna sashimi seem ragged but the pale, rosy flesh is a sensitive delight. Improved nevertheless is kangaroo fillet, seared tataki-type so all but the outer edge continues to be raw, each and every piece so velvety and clear flavoured it would seem as lavish as everything else we take in.

Consideration shifts to the grill, where by a entire cray tail is launched from its shell, dissected, fried with butter and, finally, what seems to be like a bechamel sauce. The previously abundant, buttery meat is manufactured even more decadent and, specified what is nevertheless to appear, the provide is ridiculously significant for two.

Our chef then brings out what seems to be like a little set of picket measures on which four wagyu steaks are draped in ascending buy of status. In case we’re nevertheless experience short on protein, two lamb cutlets are plonked at the base.

The principle is that these cuts can be when compared, beginning with regionally farmed Mayura sirloin and ending with the $1500/kg Kobe tenderloin. The fact is that not several men and women could easily take in this total of normal beef, enable on your own one particular that has these kinds of a substantial ratio of fat and would typically be introduced as little morsels to savour. We do our ideal, inspite of promptly experience like Augustus Gloop on his pay a visit to to Willy Wonka’s factory.

Of the quartet, added-unusual slices of Japanese A5 rib-cap are notably chewier than the relaxation, to the stage where by it’s a battle to get them down. The tenderloin, as you’d hope, normally takes tender to yet another stage fully, disintegrating below stress from the tongue, the first rush of fried fat adopted by a lingering savoury flavour with a hint of new blood.

Token mushroom and zucchini slices served midway via the meat fest are a godsend the scoop of matcha ice product at the conclusion also a welcome improve.

Combining these trophy ingredients in one particular indulgent, showy menu goes versus the Japanese tenets of balance and restraint. Like putting mag wheels on the Rolls Royce, it is just wrong.


116 King William Rd, Hyde Park

8331 8153 samuraiteppan.com.au

Entrepreneurs/Chefs Clark Zhang, Jack Liu

Foodstuff Japanese

MENUS from $89 (as well as nutritional supplements)

to $368


Beverages Wine listing is surprisingly short on possibilities and aspiration. Try out rice lager or check with about sake.

Open LUNCH and Meal Tue-Sunlight

Score eleven.five/20