Lenzing completes second pilot plant for Tencel Luxe yarn

Lenzing accomplished next pilot generation plant for its filament yarn Tencel Luxe. Construction of the facility involving investments of €30 million could be concluded soon after twenty months. The new generation line, put into procedure in middle of December 2019, will give Lenzing ample potential for professional programmes and additional software advancement.

Thanks to Tencel Luxe, Lenzing is able to embed the challenge of sustainability in the quality luxurious market in blend with excellent aesthetics. The houses of the high-quality filament yarn can be compared to these of silk thanks to its ethereal feeling on the pores and skin and the matte finish. At the exact time, Tencel Luxe also stands out simply because of its considerable toughness and superior amount of environmental compatibility. It is properly suited for quite high-quality fabrics and as a mixing associate for silk, cashmere and wool. For example, the yarn is used for earning

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