Postcard from a Stortford expatriate living as a dual organ transplantee in Sweden, where society remains largely open

Adrian Grist grew up and labored in and around Bishop’s Stortford for most of his lifestyle. He now lives in Malmo. In this article he writes about pandemic lifestyle at the best of the socially shielded ‘hit parade’ in Sweden, the place the technique has been to maintain significant elements of society open…

I picture the Downing Street press briefings are getting the form of viewing figures Appreciate Island could only desire of. The two ‘shows’ are similarly depressing, despite the fact that in wholly different respects.

Personally, the 1 I was most tuned into was the 1 the working day right after Caroline Fl… the place they introduced who desired to be socially shielded.

Adrian Grist lived in Bishop’s Stortford most of his lifestyle and lives in Malmo, Sweden’s 3rd major metropolis (34043566)

I was gonna make that record, I was confident of it. I’ve never been so attentive

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