Billie Eilish makes statement on body image, ‘desirability’

There is a dim explanation for Billie Eilish’s signature glance.

The Grammy-successful eighteen-yr-aged suggests she generally doesn’t sense desirable to the individuals she dates, and as a end result, dresses in dishevelled dresses.

“Here’s a bomb for you: I have by no means felt wanted,” Eilish tells GQ in an job interview printed Thursday. “My past boyfriends by no means made me sense wanted. None of them. And it is a massive point in my daily life that I sense I have by no means been physically wanted by somebody.”

In response to this, the singer dresses in dresses that don’t exhibit off her overall body, in purchase to conceal it from the world and its judgments.

“I dress the way I dress as I don’t like to feel of you guys — I imply any person, every person — judging it, or the measurement of it,” suggests Eilish.


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