How coronavirus will hurt us the most

But professionals warn there will be no quarantine from the outbreak’s economic wallop, which will be felt across a assortment of industries.

The coronavirus crisis has exposed just how enmeshed the Australian and Chinese economies have come to be.

The world’s most populous country is also the prime buyer for Australia’s prime a few export industries: iron ore, coal and tourism.

Figures of Chinese holidaymakers to Australia neatly illustrate how rapidly matters have altered.

In 2008/nine, 353,000 Chinese holidaymakers arrived to Australia – but a 10 years later on, that range had extra than quadrupled to 1.five million.

China overtook New Zealand as our major resource of once-a-year guests two years in the past – but with the federal government extending its ban on guests from China for a different 7 days, our $forty four billion tourism marketplace is established for a significant hit.


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