An Oral History of LGBTQ Life in the Twin Cities

It’s the year 2020. Pride is postponed—if not yet cancelled. This is very hard to say out loud. It feels like saying we’re cancelling joy and progress. Of course, the cancelling of Pride—the festival, the parade, the week when tens of thousands of far-flung LGBTQ peeps come streaming home—represents an act of love to keep people healthy.

But its absence presents us with an opportunity to consider all the profound and important local LGBTQ landmarks that built Pride—and often disappeared. Living in a city is complicated. Each of us lives in a different Twin Cities: We share the Foshay Tower and the Mississippi, but we go home to different bars and bedrooms. 

LGBTQ cultures have, historically, needed to hide their bars and bedrooms for fear of eviction, firing, imprisonment, or worse. As Ricardo J. Brown put it in his St. Paul memoir, The Evening Crowd at Kirmser’s—one of the

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A Brief History of Epidemics in Minnesota

More than a hundred a long time have handed considering that a fatal influenza epidemic drove the point out into a quarantine like the a person we’re confronting now with COVID-19. The story of these health conditions commences before civilization by itself, transcending imaginary borders like Minnesota—or The united states. Let us revisit some of our state’s darkest battles in this by no means-ending campaign—and, for reassurance, see how we came out the other aspect.


Steamboats have cholera up the Mississippi River to St. Paul. The city’s newspapers, politicians, and board of health and fitness try to suppress data about the outbreak. The Sisters of the Order of St. Joseph address the stricken at the state’s initial hospital.


Just after the violence of the U.S.-Dakota War, the army forcibly marches a 1,658-person, 4-mile-very long caravan of Dakota folks to Ft. Snelling. Mainly gals and children, the detainees shell

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A Brief History of Real Estate in Minnesota

This spring, as the ground thaws and basements flood, millennial prospectors will carry on to generate up the Twin Towns housing industry. The real estate video game has in no way been for the faint of heart. The shrewdest operators realize that whilst a piece of land could say No Trespassing, anything could be offered to the greatest bidder. Let us get rid of our footwear and go for a wander-through, shall we?


Zebulon Pike, a U.S. Army lieutenant, qualified prospects an exploration bash to explore the supply of the Mississippi. He fails, but then helps make a shady real estate offer with two Mdewakanton Dakota chiefs. Pike walks absent with 155,520 acres at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers


The Dakota finally get compensated for their real estate offer: $200 worthy of of trinkets, 60 gallons of whiskey, and $2K funds from Congress. Development

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A Brief History of the Irish in Minnesota


The entire body of an Irish-born sergeant, John Hays, washes up in the Mississippi—St. Paul’s initially recorded murder. Henry Sibley, then justice of the peace, arrests another Irishman, Edward Phelan, a violent Fort Snelling military buddy. But he dodges conviction.


Just after emigrating with his dad and mom from Kilkenny in 1852, John Ireland gets to be ordained in St. Paul and serves as chaplain in the Civil War with the Fifth Minnesota, a typically Irish regiment.


James J. Hill marries Mary Theresa Mehegan, a devout Irish Catholic who went to university with John Ireland’s sisters. The Protestant railroad baron demonstrates a preference for employing Irish contractors even though setting up his Good Northern line.


Bishop Ireland settles countless numbers of Irish on land together the Good Northern. But when a colony of 24 Gaelic-speaking family members at Graceville runs into the wintergeddon

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A History of Famous Minnesota Couples

For many years, if Minnesotans desired to keep informed about coupling and uncoupling, they experienced just one actual possibility: C.J.’s column in the Star Tribune. Nicely, soon after approximately thirty many years of gossip, C.J. retired in September, and now it is up to us to make sense of it all, just in time for Valentine’s Day. So, what is enjoy? Is it, as Shakespeare wrote, smoke lifted with the fume of sighs—or, in February, are we just looking at our breath?


Younger steamboat entrepreneur James J. Hill fulfills a teenage waitress, Mary Theresa Mehegan, in the Service provider Hotel’s eating room. Right after sending his fiancée off to finishing faculty, he marries her 4 many years later on in the parlor of Bishop Grace’s St. Paul household. Why not a church marriage ceremony? Hill isn’t Catholic.


Laura Ingalls Wilder and her wheat-farming partner, Almanzo, shift

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