Man found not guilty over fatally shooting mate in forest

Hayden Dove Fenton, 30, walked from court a cost-free guy immediately after almost a few decades of lawful proceedings immediately after a jury acquitted him of the manslaughter by criminal carelessness of his buddy Bailey Davenport in Parawa Forest on July 23, 2017.

The jury did not obtain that Mr Fenton had consciously pointed the gun towards Mr Davenport when it went off, killing the 21-year-aged father when they were being tenting in a paddock.

The team made use of a century-aged Winchester rifle to shoot at a bottle of Wild Turkey.

Mr Davenport went with his spouse and little boy or girl to lower firewood about 50m working with a chainsaw.

The court heard that Mr Fenton was holding the gun when it went off, hitting Mr Davenport in the side of the head.

The bullet entered his skull and lodged on the reverse side of his head.

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