2020 Toyota Supra review: Hands-on with the GT

The legendary Toyota Supra returns.

Pretty couple of automobiles are ingrained in motor vehicle lifestyle as significantly as the Supra, staying 1 of the most important attributes of the initial Quick and the Furious film. The motor vehicle is also coveted by enthusiasts the environment around for its famous 2JZ motor – a modifier’s desire.

This time about nevertheless, the Supra has stirred debate between ardent enthusiasts. When Toyota teamed up with BMW to manufacture the motor vehicle, die-really hard purists felt it lost its essence, effectively that it just isn’t a Toyota, nor a Supra, just a BMW Z4 with different garments. Voicing your viewpoint on the 2020 Supra is 1 way to lead to competition for certain.

We obtained driving the wheel of this viewpoint-splitting, ding-dong setting up GR Supra. Ours is the GT spec, which will come with a price tag of $eighty five,400. It is a

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