GS1 US comes out with guideline for raw material

GS1 US has come out with the “Best Practice Guideline for Exchanging Raw Material Attributes.” The guideline has been developed by apparel and general merchandise leaders to help industry utilise standards in their upstream supply chain practices. The guideline helps meet the challenges related to mapping raw material data attributes from multiple sources.

By leveraging GS1 Standards to efficiently share information about product components in an effort to speed up raw material sourcing decisions, industry can better support sustainability initiatives and enhance transparency for consumers. The guideline addresses retail industry challenges associated with the time-consuming process of mapping raw material data attributes from multiple sources.

Developed by members of the GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative, the guideline offers a common vocabulary that defines attributes in four primary material types – knit fabric, woven fabric, leather and synthetic material. It also helps supply chain partners categorise like-kind materials

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