Seevix to use spidersilk tech in filters against Covid

Pic: Seevix Substance Sciences Ltd.

The developer and maker of artificial SVX spidersilk, Seevix Substance Sciences, will use its patented spidersilk engineering to deliver disposable and safe filters with substantial entrapment and inactivation efficacy to neutralise COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. The filters will be primarily based on a distinct peptide sequence that binds SARS-CoV-two particles.

This peptide sequence can be integrated into SVX fibres, yielding hundreds of virus-distinct binding internet sites to immobilise viral particles and reduce their spread. The binding peptide can be speedily adapted to other viruses and mutating viral strains.

SVX fibres with the distinct peptide sequence can be integrated in textiles utilised in filters, utilised to coat the exterior surface area of textiles, or form element of a protective insert to entrap and neutralise viruses and microbes.

SVX has the houses of energy, adaptability and very low unit fat. Its nano-porous sponge-like structure permits the loading

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