Minnesota Family Farm Takes on Big Dairy

Weathered function boots crackle on icy crushed gravel as Fran Miron and his son Andrew trudge up to their latest pole barn. A group of masons on the significantly finish pours a portion of new concrete flooring though Fran’s brother, John, a retired electrician, oversees the procedure.

It is early in an unseasonably chilly November, and the Mirons are changing what was a “bedded pack” barn into a additional state-of-the-art “free-stall” dairy dorm. As Fran describes the useful differences among the two (you are likely to have to seem it up), Andrew notices something amiss.

“They undoubtedly hit that tube down there,” Andrew declares as he passes by means of the barn’s shadow and gets a clearer check out of the staff on the other finish. 

“He what?” Fran claims.

“That’s not how that was,” Andrew continues, pointing to a protuberance of some type, which he calls “the Sonotube.” 


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