Factom blockchain firm going into liquidation

This is one of in all probability pretty couple situations where by the ICO was a far better wager than the equity.

Factom is, or was, a blockchain business focused on working with the Bitcoin blockchain to make immutable audit trails by means of the FCT token.

On 2 April, it stated that in the absence of more funding, it will have to enter liquidation.

This arrived as unpleasant news for Factom’s chief trader, the FastForward financial investment corporation.

“We are incredibly dissatisfied with this news from Factom,” stated FastForward director Ed McDermott. “In light of this Dissolution Occasion below the Risk-free (uncomplicated settlement for long term equity), we are having swift motion to secure our posture as finest we can in the instances albeit the ability to create any meaningful return is unsure.

“As we go by means of the Receivership procedure and have an understanding of a lot

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