‘The cancer has spread to my brain and I’m facing the fact that I could be out of time, so I need to end my Bowel Warrior column and put my family first’

Beth Purvis, aka Bowel Warrior, from Elsenham, who will be 41 in June, started out writing for the Bishop’s Stortford Independent, as a married mother of two dwelling with phase 4 most cancers, in May 2019…

I started out radiotherapy therapy on my lungs a handful of weeks back and issues have been pretty challenging. I haven’t managed to get any energy alongside one another and create.

Beth Purvis in healthcare facility (35688764)

I imagined it was just the therapy that was wiping me out they did alert me it would make me weary. But it turns out, after an unplanned journey to Addenbrooke’s Clinic in Cambridge and a handful of scans, that there has been a little bit a lot more to my emotion thoroughly garbage. The most cancers has distribute to my brain.

The fantastic news is that there is therapy I can have – having said that,

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