Enjoy your catch of the day in a tasty yet sustainable way + My fishy treat in Bishop’s Stortford + My recipe for flexible fish cakes

Alex Ballard, who grew up in Bishop’s Stortford and is effective as a expert group dietitian for the NHS in West Essex, writes a fortnightly column, Diet program Discuss, in the Stortford Indie about taking modest ways in direction of a more healthy way of life…

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Fish has constantly played a large job in British foodstuff history, with classics such as prawn cocktail, sardines on toast and, the public’s favourite, fish and chips. Even the English-born Worcestershire sauce employs anchovies for a punchy part.

Together with the adaptable flavours, contrasting textures and wealthy colours, fish presents us with nourishing dietary sources of protein, calcium, iodine, selenium and vitamin D.

Baked salmon garnished with asparagus and tomatoes with herbs. (34777005)
Baked salmon garnished with asparagus and tomatoes with herbs. (34777005)

Fish, and specially oily fish, is also a principal supplier of omega-three. In the latest a long time, this family members of fats

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