Most people in relationships have faced the dreaded moment where they have managed to anger their girlfriends and it became extremely challenging to get her to smile. Fear not. We are here to help you figure out how to make your girlfriend smile when she’s mad at you. There are some things one must do immediately like have same day delivery of gifts to surprise her with your love. It is indubitably very important to put her thoughts and feelings before you buy any gift for her. And if you’ve no idea what’d set her mood, it’s better to gift her a cake. She can’t say “no” to that cake!

Here are some other tips to make your girlfriend smile :

Be the one to talk to her and apologize: When there is an argument, keep aside your ego and have a frank conversation with her admitting your mistake if any, and apologizing for the same. When done wholeheartedly and patiently, this is sure to make her smile.

Listen to her side of the story: In an argument, it is important to listen to both sides of the story. Listen to hers. Instead of arguing further, pause and listen. She will appreciate your attention and will feel better once you acknowledge her feelings. An eventual smile will follow.

Be nice : By being around and being sweet, half the battle is one. Give her a tight hug and calm her down with your attention. Hold her hand, embrace her and she will smile. Follow it up it with some same day delivery of gifts or cake same day delivery and the smiling will continue.

Make her laugh: Humor is an important and significant part of any relationship. Be silly and crack lame jokes. Be goofy around her and embarrass yourself. Nothing brings out a smile on your girlfriend’s face like a few funny lines or gestures. Maybe use some props and enlist your friends’ help to make sure she continues laughing for a long time to come when she remembers this memory!

Look her in the eye and smile at her : Smiles are contagious. By sitting next to her, drawing her close, looking into her eyes and smiling, you assure her that your relationship is more valuable than the disagreement. Your smile will make her smile. Calm her down with it. Make sure you do that frequently and without any agenda – smile at her and remind her that she’s one of the most important people in your life!

Relationships are precious and hence it is important to remember that when one argues with their girlfriends. Both parties’ points of view are important and patience is paramount. Small gestures go a long way in ensuring the relationship remains intact and special – small gestures like giving flowers, sharing information and thoughts and exchanging small gifts. And don’t worry we have you covered with our same day delivery of gifts and cake same day delivery!