Israeli court sentences model Bar Refaeli for tax evasion

An Israeli court docket sentenced leading model Bar Refaeli on Sunday to nine months of neighborhood company and sentenced her mother to 16 months in prison, ending a extended tax evasion situation that had sullied the image of a at the time-beloved nationwide icon.

Refaeli entered the Tel Aviv courthouse in a beige T-shirt and donning a mild blue surgical experience mask. She was accompanied by her father, Raffi, her mother, Tzipi, and flanked by attorneys. The 35-yr-aged Refaeli and her mother had been convicted in July to offenses of evading spending taxes on money nearing $10 million.

According to a plea deal recognized by the court docket, the two had been also purchased to pay back a $one.5 million great on leading of tens of millions of back again taxes owed to the condition. Tzipi Refaeli is established to begin serving her prison sentence upcoming 7 days.

The extended situation, created close to the superstar model’s all over the world money and the family’s tries to downplay her ties to Israel, damaged her very well-crafted community image as an casual ambassador for the region.

Nonetheless, she continues to be a common Tv individuality and pitch-lady whose image is ubiquitous on freeway billboards throughout the region. Final yr, she hosted the Eurovision Music Contest in Tel Aviv.

Israeli top model Bar Refaeli, right, and her mother, Zipi Rafaieli wear face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic as they leave a courtroom in Tel Aviv, Israel, Sunday, Sept. 13
Bar Refaeli (right) and her mother, Tzipi, leave a courtroom in Tel Aviv, Israel, on SundayAP

The situation facilities close to Refaeli’s home throughout years when she traveled close to the globe in superior-profile modeling strategies, graced the include of the Sports activities Illustrated swimsuit version and had a prolonged intimate marriage with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Israeli tax regulation determines residency mostly on no matter whether the individual invested most of the calendar yr in the region. Refaeli claimed that she hadn’t and thus did not have to declare her money throughout specified years.

Prosecutors rejected her claim and charged her with furnishing incorrect tax details. Refaeli’s indictment stated she attained some $7.2 million among the years 2009-2012 whilst declaring to reside abroad to stay away from spending Israeli taxes on her money.

In past appeals, an Israeli court docket dominated that Refaeli’s marriage with DiCaprio did not qualify as a “family device,” and thus she could not claim his U.S. home to stay away from spending the complete taxes she owed.

Refaeli’s attorneys stated the plea deal proved she had not intentionally evaded spending taxes. Refaeli’s mother, who also acted as her agent, was charged with failure to report money, keeping away from spending taxes and aiding anyone else in evading tax payments. The indictment stated she signed leases for her daughter beneath the names of other relatives members to blur Refaeli’s real residency position and refrained from declaring her have money as her daughter’s agent.