How to Take Care of Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are exceptionally beautiful as jewellery pieces. The glow and purity of the pearls attract women.

Pearl Jewellery is loved all over the world. Unique designs are offered by designers who incorporate pearls in a versatile manner. These delicate pieces have become a fashion statement. However, it is a necessity to take care of pearls in order to keep them beautiful and new.

Here we cover a few points that will help you take care of pearls.

  1. Buy with caution

Being really delicate, pearls require careful handling. If a jeweller fails to do that, you can end up having damaged pieces. Hence, you need to carefully inspect pearls when buying jewellery. Any drill hole, crack or other damage can become a big issue after some time. Even a scratch is not acceptable when you are purchasing pearls. So, choose every piece with caution.

  1. Wear carefully

Pearls are as soft as they look. They get affected by almost all kinds of materials that come in contact. This makes pearls prone to scratches and damages. So, you need to be extremely careful when wearing pearl pieces. Never let them drop and take extra care when wearing or removing pearl jewellery.

  1. Avoid contact with harmful chemicals

You probably think that there are no harmful chemicals around you. However, soaps, detergent, and other household products prove to be damaging for pearls. Similarly, acidic chemicals present in lemon juice and other food items can harm pearls too. So, it is advisable to avoid working when you are wearing pearls.

  1. Have safe storage for pearls

Safety for pearls includes protection from dry air, scratches from other jewellery, and other abrasive materials.

You should always use a separate jewellery bag that is not airtight. This will save pearls from turning yellow. Also, avoid storing many jewellery pieces in one bag or box. Scratches can appear when you move boxes from one place to the other. A silk cloth is perfect to wrap such jewellery pieces for a soft protection in the box.

  1. Clean gently

A soft piece of cloth is required to clean such jewellery. Rough cloth piece and toothbrushes can easily damage pearls. Also, soaps and ultrasonic cleaners are not a good choice for pearls. You can simply use a little amount of water and wipe pearls with a soft cloth.

  1. Make sure pearls are knotted

Pearl knotting keeps pearls away from each other via knots. You can see your neckpieces to inspect whether they have knots in between or not. These knots save pearls from getting damaged or fall off. So, if one pearl falls, others stay intact together.

Also, these knots stop the rubbing action between adjacent pearls. This stops the risk of scratches and keeps your pearls top-notch for a long time.

Each and every point is important when you desire to have beautiful pearl pieces. So, make sure you take care of your jewellery to keep them new forever.