Color for a Cause: Grumpys NE + Palmer’s Bar

This is the part where you get to do good things and have fun while doing them. 

Sean Tillmann/Har Mar Superstar sent me a note today to let me know that since their first Coloring Book for a Cause supporting First Avenue did SO WELL, that they would be launching a second one. 

The Big Coloring Book of Grumpy’s and Palmer’s Bar is a real thing. Yes, you get to color in your favorite neighborhood dive bars with more than your typical salty language. And BONUS, this is a benefit to help support the staff of these two bars. 

Grumpy’s NE? Well, come on, Pat Dwyer’s bar is only the Best Bar in the Twin Cities so deemed by everyone, but best captured by our Steve Marsh: 

We tend to romanticize blue-collar dive bars, but a lot of us work desk jobs. And at Grumpy’s, you don’t have to pretend either way. In fact, while plenty of customers drop in after work, they’re probably not talking about work. “I own a bar where everybody’s welcome,” Dwyer says, “whether you’re wearing tattoos or a golf shirt.” 

Twenty years in, there’s a circadian rhythm to Grumpy’s: The wizened daydrinkers yield to a middle-aged happy hour before it gets all witchy and millennial after midnight.

In the middle of all the comings and goings stands Dwyer, the pugnacious owner dude who moved up from Chicago to go to college at St. John’s in the ’80s, largely because he loved Hüsker Dü.

And then there’s Palmer’s, where just five weeks ago I sat with owner Tony Zaccardi while we shot Jameson and Easy Cheese in an effort to make sense of the unease we were already feeling. Because everything makes more sense at Palmer’s. Eventually.

But you don’t have to just live with your memories, you can re-live and re-create those memories through the magic of this coloring book. Is there a page for Heggies Pizza? There is. Are there goats on skateboards? There are. Can you make your own wall of shame? Honey, you can. 

Pre-Order your book for $16.30, and it will ship on April 20th.  And you will be doing your part to help support those hallowed neighborhood bars that have done nothing but support us. In good times and bad. 

Stephanie March

Food and Dining editor Stephanie March writes and edits Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Eat + Drink section. She can also be heard Saturdays on her myTalk107.1 radio show, Weekly Dish, where she talks about the Twin Cities food scene.

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April 9, 2020

11:14 PM