Adelaide medicinal cannabis to treat dementia

Operate on the $fifty million cultivation and producing plant in the Onkaparinga Council has been stalled by up to 6 months by the COVID-19 pandemic.

LeafCann main government Elisabetta Faenza told The Advertiser the business was in discussions with the Nationwide Institute of Well being Investigate in the Uk relating to feasibility research on medicinal cannabis and dementia investigation – and with Aberdeen College to progress a pilot research.

A new 4-year research by researchers at UNSW on the use of cannabis and opioids to treat chronic pain has revealed some shocking final results.

Ms Faenza mentioned medicinal cannabis could help in the cure of behavioural and psychological indicators of dementia, ranging from confusion, panic, hunger decline, sleeplessness, repetitive actions, violent outbursts, and memory decline.

A preclinical research commissioned by LeafCann, involving researchers from UniSA, identified 4 abroad research involving medicinal cannabis experienced recorded “significant improvement” in the neuropsychiatric scores of folks living with dementia.

“This could … allow us to considerably enhance people’s lives, as perfectly as the lives of their carers and spouse and children who are understandably extremely distressed by the progress of the illness,” Ms Faenza told The Advertiser.

“If medicinal cannabis was identified to lower the amount of polypharmacy (numerous treatment prescription) and use of chemical or other restraints for individuals with this condition, this would be a main earn,” she mentioned.

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“Should there also be proof in the course of this demo that the certain medicinal cannabis formulation also reverses the progress of the illness, we would certainly be keen to then go after that line of investigation.

Adelaide Hills GP Sinclair Bode mentioned he experienced been prescribing medicinal cannabis for a handful of individuals living with dementia in recent decades to help reduce panic and intense behaviour.

“It is a lot safer than lots of of the prescription drugs we use,” Dr Bode mentioned. “It also enhances concentrate.”

By 2050, it is predicted that 900,000 Australians will be living with dementia – virtually double today’s 459,000 cared for by approximately 1.six million folks, a lot of it unpaid.

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