5 Amazing Gifts to Wish Your Brother a Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a delightfully traditional Indian ritual that celebrates the sacred, protective bond of love and respect shared between a brother and sister. Even though Rakhi originated in India’s prehistoric past, the tradition due to its sweet and sacred connotation has carried itself into the nation’s modern society without losing its essence in any aspect. Celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan with your family with these amazing Rakhi gifts for your brother that say Happy Raksha Bandhan.

5 Amazing Gifts to Wish Your Brother a Happy Raksha Bandhan

We understand sometimes it might get really challenging to find the right and perfect gifts to give your brother, also to be an appropriate gift according to the occasion. Here are few great Rakhi gifts for brother that you can refer to while buying gifts for yours—

Go on a brother-sister trip

This one right here will be one of the best rakhi gifts for your brother. Banking on both your childhood memories of happy times spent either playing or getting beaten up by a parent for being naughty, playful pranks on each other and other sibling moments shared, organize a trip with your brother to some mutually agreed upon destination.

Go watch the game

Again stream your childhood memories of interrupted matches and abandoned games of gully cricket, take your brother to the nearest cricket game, even though it means spending a few more bucks than the regular gift. It will be rewarding in a way unlike most other gifts you can possible give your brother for Rakhi.

Concert tickets

If he’s your brother, you should possibly have an idea what sort of music he loves. Surprise him with tickets to an exclusive performance-in-concert by his favourite band or musician where he will be having the most fun. He will remember this special gift for a long, long time to come and you will never stop hearing the end of it.

Rakhi gift hamper

This is a conventional gift but due to the different items you can put in the hamper, it has a very creative aspect to it. There will be many online gift shops who creatively prepare gift hampers containing special rakhi gifts for brother which you can directly send to your brother turning it into a big surprise for him. Pack it with as many sweets, chocolates, and other chewable candies to see your brother’s face light up with joy.

Personalized mugs, cushions and more

Boys will be boys and they love personalized items. Coming from their sister, any brother will love it to the moon and back! It doesn’t matter whether it is a personalized coffee mug or a personalized cushion, he will love it and will be flaunting it before his friends and other cousins every chance he will get. Just putting it out there, there are online gift shops that even have offers on personalizing your Rakhi which definitely is the best way to say Happy Raksha Bandhan to your brother!

Rakshabandhan and its significance

Celebrated on the day of Shraavan Poornima (full-moon day of the month according to the Vedic calendar), the ritual sees the sisters tying the Rakhi, a sacred thread around her brother’s wrist, and a kumkum-tika applied on their forehead, along with prayers offered in the midst of witnessing family elders who bestow their blessings on the youngsters. On the day of this festival a brother renews his vow to protect his sister, while the sister prays for the safety of her brother.